• “PoP’s ability to project a player’s development is not just astounding but truly unique, even at the highest levels of basketball. PoP has a remarkable track record of being early and accurate when it comes to identifying high level talent.”

    Bill Bayno - Assistant Coach; Indiana Pacers
  • “PoP’s immense intelligence is reflected in his knack for recognizing talent in its infancy. PoP’s humility and love of the game has pushed him to continually improve at what he does. This would  explain how he has quickly become one of the top grass-roots scouts in the country. PoP’s EAT basketball pads are also a true testiment to his basketball genius.”

    Glynn Cyprien - Head Coach; Memphis Grizzlies D-League
  • “When it comes to the skill development of basketball talent, there’s no one I trust more than PoP’s Let’s Eat Sports. There’s no question that his training and training equipment, like the EAT Pads, have helped prepare my son for Division I Basketball. Thanks PoP!”

    Thurl ``Big T`` Bailey - Utah Jazz Analyst; NCAA Champion/ 12 year NBA
  • “PoP is a master at what he does and continues to prove so on the high school, college and pro level with his development tactics. For those hungry enough, PoP is the guy who will prepare you for the moment and then give you exposure to all.”

    Alex Kline - Basketball Operations Assistant; New Orleans Pelicans
  • “I seen PoP evaluate players before other so called expert evaluators even notice the potential in these diamonds in the roughs. PoP also has a keen eye in his evaluations of mid and high level players.  I’ve seen him be spot on about the trajectory of a prospect way before any other evaluator has a clue of the prospects’ potential.  PoP has always been first rate and hard working so anytime I need to know about any prospect in the country, the first person I will call is PoP!”

    Ron Holmes - Father of Shabazz Muhammad; Minnesota Timberwolves
  • “Christian PoPoola told me that my son Stephen an (8th grader) was going to play in the NBA. PoP’s eye for talent and feel for future pros are on another level. Stephen’s first five college offers came through his premierball network. Kansas, UNLV, Arizona, UCLA and UCONN. PoP knows how to identify talent early and has the credibilty to boost a players college profile.”

    Eric Zimmerman - Father of Stephen Zimmerman; Orlando Magic
  • “I’ve been in the scouting business for 15 years and I haven’t met many scouts with the type of expertise PoP possesses as a scout. He come from a basketball background, really sees the game and has a knack for finding diamonds in the rough.”

    Jerry Myer - Director of Basketball Scout; 247 Sports
  • “PoP doesn’t just identify the obvious prospects, he has a keen eye to recognize the potential talent of lesser known players .”

    Max Good - Head Coach; Pratt CC
Christian PoPoola

About PoP

Christian “PoP” PoPoola’s keen eye for talent was molded from a young age under the tutelage of some of the most revered coaches in basketball today.

PoP picked up his 1st basketball in the 4th grade and never put the ball down. In his youth, PoPoola learned the details of the game from the legendary Ed Azzam of Westchester High School, the pace of the game from So-Cal AAU pioneer, David “Rock Fish” Benezera, and the intricacies of personnel from the late Mark Mayemura, a respected international scout. PoP’s passion and work ethic helped him blossom under these brilliant basketball minds, and PoP graduated high school as a top 100 player in the country.

Immediately following high school, PoP attended the University of Idaho and played for Coach Kermit Davis, currently at Middle Tennessee State University. From there, Christian transferred to LA City College and was a two year JuCo All-American for Coach Mike Miller, a very respected HOF Coach. PoP’s JuCo success led him to UNLV where he played for current Indiana Pacers’ Associate Head Coach Billy Bayno. PoPoola was a two-year player under Bayno and a Mountain West Academic All-American with a 3.6 GPA. During PoPoola’s time at UNLV, UNLV’s staff was packed with heavy hitters, Dave Rice (Assistant Coach at University of Washington), Billy Wuczynski (Assistant Coach at Boston College), Max Good (former LMU Head Coach and former Head Coach at MCI Prep), and Glenn Cyprien (Head Coach of NBA D-League’s Iowa Energy). The influences of these coaches can be seen in PoPoola’s vast knowledge of the game of basketball at all levels. 

PoPoola’s basketball career further shaped his remarkable scouting perspective by giving him the opportunity to share the hardwood with some truly special talents. While PoP never ascended into the professional ranks as a player, he played with or against numerous marquee players. Some of the players that PoPoola used to compete against include: Ed Gray (Atlanta Hawks), Corey Benjamin (Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks), Shea Cotton (So-Cal Hoops Legend), Tyrone Nesby (Washington Wizards), Jason Hart (9-year NBA career), Rafer “Skip to My Lou” Alston (11-year NBA career), ( Kenyon Martin (#1 Overall Pick in 2000 NBA Draft), Lamar Odom (2-time NBA Champion), and Paul Pierce (future Basketball Hall of Famer). PoPoola knows what it feels like to share the court with transcendent talent. This claim has given PoPoola yet another way to differentiate himself within the scouting industry; PoP knows what a high-level talent “feels” like. Not many scouts can say that.

PoPoola’s distinct upbringing in basketball has helped him emerge as one of the most distinguished High School and College Scouts in the industry. PoPoola began his scouting career by launching an NCAA-compliant scouting service dubbed Premierball. PoP served as editor and Head Scout for the duration of the seven years that Premierball operated. Recently, PoP decided to take his brand in a new direction by establishing PoPoola Rating and Development. PoPoola Rating and Development will be the premier source for information and evaluations regarding the most elite 8th through 12th grade prospects in the country. PoP’s track record as a scout speaks for itself as PoP has personally mentored and developed over 100+ collegiate and professional athletes. Furthermore, PoP’s close personal relationships with some of the most recognizable coaches in college basketball has given him the ear of some of the top programs in the country. PoP is renowned for his precise evaluations and is incredibly trusted within the highest circles of basketball. 

PoPoola is not simply a scout, however. PoPoola is also a creator fascinated with the development and growth of players. This thirst for innovation has led to PoP organizing exposure events and creating developmental products. PoP is a Partner/Founder of Elite Athletic Training Sports (EAT Sports), a basketball training company that produces the #1 training pad in the world, the EAT Pad. Used by over 26 NBA teams and hundreds of colleges.

PoPoola aims to educate the grassroot basketball community and understands the responsibility he has to nurture the next generation of basketball players. It takes a village to raise a kid, and PoPoola deeply values his relationships within the basketball community. Christian PoPoola sees himself as more than a scout and hopes his consultation service can be used as an avenue to success for today’s youth. 

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